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Department of Nursing Sciences

With a specific focus on the people who live in large cities and on promoting community health, this department contributes to the health of individuals and groups through education and research in the nursing sciences as it strives to improve quality of life and to achieve a vital and long-lived society.

The master’s program offers master’s thesis courses in the following fields: Nursing Ethics and Management (nursing ethics and nursing management), Childrearing Age Nursing (nursing for mothers and pediatric nursing), Middle-Age Adult Nursing (adult nursing and geriatric nursing), and Community Nursing (community and in-home nursing, community nursing activity assessment, and community mental health nursing). There are specialized nursing courses in the geriatric nursing, community and in-home nursing, and pediatric nursing fields. The doctoral program cultivates individuals who can serve as leaders in the fields of the nursing sciences and public health.

The programs in this department are known for their cultivation of advanced, specialized knowledge of nursing ethics, as well as skills of discernment; for their development of theories and methods related to the care provided to mothers, children, and elderly patients with dementia in communities and health care institutions; for their support in empowering community residents and student volunteers; and for their cultivation of the skills needed for the development of nursing care systems implemented in partnership with the government.


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