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Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The infrastructure engineering to contribute to the real world through the research directly connected to lives and industries.

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Electrical and electronic engineering is a discipline that is essential in an extremely diverse range of areas, from the supply of electricity as a lifeline supporting people’s lives, to information and communications equipment, transport, medical services, space development, and environmental protection. The goal of this division is to foster human resources who are able contribute to the development of this kind of broad-ranging technology. Specifically, in addition to learning about the areas related to basic technology in electrical and electronic engineering, students will also learn about new disciplines that go beyond the scope of these areas. Furthermore, during the course of their studies, students will acquire basic skills and applied skills that will form the core of techniques essential for professional private-sector engineers and researchers. By giving students this opportunity, we will strive to nurture human resources who will be actively involved as leaders across a broad range of technical fields.


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※ May 1, 2013
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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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