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Division of Biological Sciences

Experiments and independent studies are combined in order to equip students with the ability of studying.

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In the Division of Biological Sciences, our aim is to study and research in a wide range of fields in basic biology and the life sciences. These fields are moving forward extremely rapidly, and the results of basic research quickly make their way into practical applications such as the medical sciences, agriculture, and environmental sciences. This means that there is a huge demand for personnel with excellent research abilities. The application of this research ability requires a wide range of knowledge, good techniques, plus the ability to think in new ways. To this end, the program has been designed to cover a wide range of life forms from molecules/cells up to individuals, through to ecosystems and environments, working with a variety of animals, plants, and microbes. To encourage independent thinking, we promote voluntary research and activities, and emphasize communication skills, including English and bioinformatics.


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