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Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts

The interdisciplinary academic system beyond the framework of arts and sciences creates leaders who can serve as the driving force of urban development.

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Covering a wide range of academic fields, the faculty’s goals are to provide a good education and broad-ranging knowledge suited to societies of the 21st century, to support metropolitan development and paint a vision for the future, and to develop human resources to achieve these goals. The faculty combines the key parts of the long-established faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Economics, Science, and Engineering from the former TMU. Having carried on the tradition and having brought all the accumulated research and education together, the faculty’s mission now is to further develop this research and education. The faculty has sufficient teaching staff to accommodate four schools, and more than mere numbers, the quality of the teaching is one of the highest in Japan. The faculty has also established the Division of Urban Policy as an interdisciplinary course to extensively explore the problems facing Tokyo and other cities.


Schools, Divisions■ School of Humanities and Social Sciences
■ School of Law and Politics
■ School of Business Administration
■ School of Science and Engineering
■ Division of Urban Policy
4,034 (M 2,568/F 1,466)
※ May 1, 2014
Teaching Staff
※ May 1, 2014
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