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Division of Architecture and Urban Studies

Taking approaches from the perspectives of architecture and urban for the realization and improvement of safe and comfortable urban environment.

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The Division of Architecture and Urban Studies offers academic and professional education for those students who wish to work in the fields of building and urban environment. It covers such specialized fields as architectural history and design, architectural design and planning, city planning, environmental engineering, building materials, building construction, structural engineering and comprehensive urban issues. A wide range of lectures, practical training, laboratory exercises, and field trips are offered to enrich students’ intellectual foundations for understanding aesthetic, technical and environmental issues. They are encouraged in design studios to develop their ability in the analysis and synthesis of those issues. In the final year, students work on individual theses and/or design under staff supervision.


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※ May 1, 2014
Graduate SchoolGraduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
Department of Architecture and Building Engineering
Department of Urban Science

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