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Department of Tourism Science

The Department of Tourism Science undertakes education and research aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the cities, villages and natural environments that constitute both the resources and the field of tourism, and at fostering their appropriate utilization; an additional aim is to facilitate the effective use of tourism to enhance the appeal and value of individual localities, promoting region-building that can help to revitalize the local economy. The department seeks to cultivate generalists, specialists, educators and researchers who are capable of using the knowledge and techniques of science and engineering to clarify local phenomena, interpret tourist behavior and awareness, and draw up and implement plans for the promotion of tourism.

In this field, particular importance is attached to joint research that involves collaboration between universities, the public sector and the private sector, with researchers taking on the role of planners and proposal formulators, carrying out projects that are closely linked to local communities and that cover everything from diagnostic investigation to identify potential tourist attractions, through to planning and implementation; also important is a proactive approach toward sending graduate students to study and work overseas, and toward bring overseas students to study in Japan. In this way, while maintaining a broad, international perspective, it is possible to develop coordinated solutions to the problems that affect tourism and the wider environment in which tourism operates.


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