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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering, as suggested by the title, is a discipline that serves citizens, and its goals are to build scenic national lands and cities, to build living environments that offer safety and security, and to create rich social foundations. This role covers a wide range of activities from the planning, construction, management, maintenance of the infrastructure, and preservation of urban and natural environments. It also includes disaster management efforts that aim to protect people's lives and property.

In this department, students systematically conduct research in the field of civil and environmental engineering from the three perspectives of the infrastructure, environmental systems, and safety and disaster prevention. Through research and educational activities, it cultivates individuals who can take the initiative in uncovering the challenges that need to be addressed and devising solutions to those problems. Research partnerships and joint seminars with research institutions both in Japan and abroad are actively pursued, and many research findings are applied back into the Tokyo metropolitan region and the broader community. Tokyo is among the world's leading cities. Overcoming the challenges that Tokyo faces will not only help the local community, but will lead to the active dissemination of information to other communities and other countries around the world.


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