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Department of Applied Chemistry for Environment

This department cultivates creative engineers and researchers capable of playing a leading role of applied chemistry and material chemistry so as to achieve the sustainable development under resources and energy in harmony with the environment. It has developed educational offerings aimed at imparting the kind of basic chemistry knowledge needed for solving the various problems that persist in cities, which feature high concentrations of matter and energy. The department engages in education and research focused on teaching students to exercise autonomy and to develop their ability to find and solve problems. It cultivates engineers and researchers with a broad perspective and the ability to demonstrate leadership in the 21st century by promoting cutting-edge research around key themes like energy, bio, the environment, and nanotechnology in such research areas as analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, complex chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, interface chemistry, photochemistry, catalyst chemistry, and atmospheric chemistry. Prominent Japanese and international researchers are invited to speak at colloquia that are held about 10 times a year, providing students extensive access to cutting-edge research being conducted around the world.



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