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Administrative reorganization of the university is planned from April 2018.

If you wish to confirm the status of your faculty or graduate school after the reorganization(from 2018 academic year), please consult the “After reorganization (from 2018 academic year)”.

Department of Management Systems Engineering

This department is distinctive in that its education and research are aimed at designing systems from a holistic perspective to realize the fusion of engineering and management, in addition to conventional management techniques, and especially by developing students’ interest that consists of the interface between humans and systems, and the society encompassed by management.

As a department related with science and engineering, this department aims to be involved in the core aspects of system construction not only from a management perspective, but from a management engineering perspective.

Research is therefore conducted in three programs: (1) Management Engineering, covering management system design that looks holistically at the range of processes that includes product development, manufacturing and logistics, (2) Ergonomics, which involves production system and welfare system design that takes into account the distinctive needs of humans, and (3) Social System Engineering, covering system design that takes into account the linkage between the information society and human users.

The goal is to cultivate individuals who can be responsible for management system design and management from a comprehensive perspective, taking into account the particular needs of human beings and urban societies.


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※ May 1, 2014

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