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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) technologies, including computers, telecommunications, electronics, and electric power, evidently lay in the very heart of the modern society and certainly moving forward the frontier industry. In addition, EECS shall play a critical role in creating disruptive technologies. In this context, the Department of Electrical and Computer Science is the focal point for advanced education and research frontier, where our mission is to prepare students for engineering leaders and world-class scientists. To these ends, our department emphasizes three key research areas in EECS, computer networks and systems, telecommunication and sensing systems, and electrical engineering. With the comprehensive knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science, we prepare students to acquire the advanced skills and problem solving abilities, as well as an understanding of ethical and professional conduct.


CampusHino / Minami-Osawa

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The configuration of the department of electrical engineering and computer science

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