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Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Graduate School of Science aims to lead students toward the leading edge of the contemporary mathematical sciences by providing a systematic theoretical grounding in the areas of algebra, geometry, analysis and applied mathematics, and through self-directed study based on the problem-solving approach. With a teaching and research framework that flexibly and organically integrates the four key fields noted above, students are able to accumulate multi-layered mathematical experience and cognitive training; in this way, the department seeks to cultivate, for the benefit of society, flexible, multi-faceted human talent that includes researchers capable of innovative thinking and educators equipped with a wealth of specialist knowledge. Keeping in mind the fact that mathematics is the foundation for all of the natural sciences, the Department of Mathematical Sciences makes effective use of exchange and collaboration with other graduate school programs at TMU and with external research institutes to contribute toward finding solutions to the problems that affect contemporary society, while also striving to cultivate human talent that possesses the breadth of vision needed to understand discoveries in other fields.



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