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Department of Biological Sciences

The most distinctive feature of TMU's Department of Biological Sciences is the diversity of research fields and professors. It boasts an impressive lineup of professors who are conducting research in diverse areas across the fields of biology and the life sciences. Professors in this department are conducting research using diverse organisms at all different levels ranging from genes and cells (genetics, cytology, physiology, developmental biology) to individuals, species, and ecosystems (ecology, systematics, evolutionary biology), and across the materials spectrum ranging from microorganisms to higher animals and plants.

A diverse base of professors allows graduate students in this department to be able to learn from experts in a diverse range of fields in the life sciences. This also means that no matter what field of study a graduate student is interested in, there is going to be a professor whose expertise connects with that topic in some way. Likewise, those who have an interest in biology and the life sciences, but are not yet sure about what specific topic they want to study will be able to find a research topic that suits them. This department is uniquely committed to encouraging students to learn and act independently, and the curriculum is structured toward that end.



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