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Graduate School of Science

Fostering dynamic researchers who can take on the mysteries of natural science by harnessing their advanced research capabilities

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TMU's Graduate School of Science comprises four departments in the basic scientific fields of Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences. The Graduate School of Science also has three research institutes attached to it: the Research Center for Space Science, the Research Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, and the Research Center for Superconductivity Science and Engineering. The Graduate School of Science implements a unique educational program that aims to use the systematic, comprehensive establishment of the foundations of basic knowledge to strengthen the ability to identify and solve the various problems related to the field of natural science. In particular, the Graduate School of Science strives to provide an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes practical application, seeking to cultivate innovative researchers capable of undertaking research in a wide range of fields, along with high-level experts. Making effective use of the Cooperation Graduate School system, the Graduate School of Science has been able to forge links with researchers at other research institutes within Japan, and to undertake cutting-edge research in collaboration with professors at other graduate schools. The research carried out at TMU's Graduate School of Science is world-class, including not only basic and fundamental research but also research that aims to use the results achieved in this basic and fundamental research to develop new applications. The Graduate School of Science has also implemented many national research projects assisted by the Japanese government.


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The configuration of the graduate school of science

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