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Law School

Developing outstanding legal professionals with the practical skills needed to solve the various legal problems that arise, particularly in Tokyo

The Law School is located in the heart of Harumi Tokyo bay area. It is designed to train legal skills to cope with complicated problems arising in a metropolitan area like Tokyo. It offers classes on the academic theories by scholars as well as classes on contemporary legal practice by practicing professionals, such as judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers. Classes are small enough for in-depth discussions of topics and the students are each assigned their own study desk. Consequently, students can receive a balanced intensive education, study independently, and improve their legal skills. The Law School offers two full-time courses, a two-year course mainly for law graduates and a three-year course mainly for non-law graduates. The students who completed either course earn the Juris Doctor ( J.D.) degree and are qualified for the National Bar Examination.

  • Financial support is available.
  • For further details, please see the Law School's brochure or website.


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