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Graduate School Interdisciplinary Programs

Graduate School Interdisciplinary Programs are intended mainly for graduate students enrolled in a Master's program (i.e. the first two years of a Doctoral program) ; the Programs integrate courses from the student's own department with interdisciplinary courses provided by other graduate schools or departments. The aim is that students who participate in this Program will be able to develop a broader perspective on their research and stronger application skills, while at the same time developing enhanced overall research capabilities in their field of specialty. In the 2018 Academic Year, two new Graduate School Interdisciplinary Programs will be established: the Superconductivity Science and Engineering Program (applicable departments are denoted by ★1) and the Biomedical Science and Engineering Program (denoted by ★2).

★1 Graduate School of Science
        Department of Physics
        Department of Chemistry
     Graduate School of Systems Design
        Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

★2 Graduate School of Science
        Department of Biological Sciences
     Graduate School of Systems Design
        Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
        Department of Health Promotion Sciences

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