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Department of Human Sciences

This department is comprised five programs.

The Psychology Program covers experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and psychological measurement allowing students to research and study various aspects of human psychology. At the master's degree level, students are recruited to either the Psychology Program or the separately established Clinical Psychology Program. At the doctoral degree level, students are recruited to only one program, the Psychology Program, which that includes coverage of clinical psychology. The Clinical Psychology Program, as an advanced, specialized training program at the master's degree level, aims to cultivate researchers and help students acquire practical expertise in clinical psychology. The Pedagogy Program offers theoretical and practical research and education related to personnel development, such as educational policies and institutions, school education, social education and lifelong learning, preschool education, special education, and multicultural education. The Language Sciences Program offers research and education that clarify the inherent language functions of humans and their neuroscientific foundations through research on linguistics as a natural science and on language built on generative grammar. The Japanese Language Education Program offers research and education on Japanese linguistics and language teaching methods for Japanese as a native language and as a second or foreign language, language contact and acquisition, and the development of distance learning and multimedia teaching materials.



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The configuration of the department of human sciences

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