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Department of Physical Therapy

This department is divided into three research programs : Motor Impairment Analysis and Physiotherapeutics (developmental impairment physiotherapeutics, impairment prevention physiotherapeutics, internal impairment physiotherapeutics, cognitive kinesiology, and nervous system impairment physiotherapeutics), Physical Function Recovery Physiotherapeutics (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, manual physical therapy, and musculoskeletal system physiotherapeutics), and Community Physiotherapeutics. It develops active research activities and cultivates advanced, specialized practitioners and researchers with the creative skills and adaptability needed in physiotherapeutics.

The department promotes systematic and comprehensive learning of physiotherapeutic knowledge and techniques related to health and impairments, as well as scientific thought processes. It also promotes research and development on advanced physiotherapeutic techniques related to physical impairment prevention and function recovery from developmental or chronic diseases or lifestyle diseases, and research on promoting the health management and social participation of people in their local communities. Because both day and evening classes are offered, students can gain experience as medical professionals, such as physical therapists, during the day, and can use that experience in the evening to conduct research on physiotherapeutics. This arrangement allows for the organic development of both clinical experience and research. Many enrolled graduate students actively attend domestic and international academic society meetings and give presentations on their research findings.


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