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Administrative reorganization of the university is planned from April 2018.

If you wish to confirm the status of your faculty or graduate school after the reorganization(from 2018 academic year), please consult the “After reorganization (from 2018 academic year)”.

Department of Health Promotion Sciences

The Department of Health Promotion Sciences strives to equip students with specialized knowledge of human beings and health, as well as advanced problem-solving skills, through basic and applied research related to health maintenance and improvement. Its goal is to cultivate advanced specialists with a wide range of knowledge and independent researchers who can communicate with people not only in their own field of specialization, but also with people in other disciplines. There are some extremely complicated factors underlying the various problems related to human health. Solving those problems is going to require an understanding of those factors, the ability to grasp the overall picture of the situation created through interdisciplinary investigations in a variety of fields, and an explanation of the action mechanisms of the constituent factors. This department is comprised of three programs in Human Adaptation Science, Human Behavioral Science, and Nutrition and Food Science. The doctorates (expertise) held by the educators in each program span a wide range of fields, including medicine, agriculture, psychology, physical education science, and sports medicine. Researchers in different fields of expertise are creating and promoting new developments in the health sciences and human sciences by following their own individual pathways.


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※ May 1, 2014

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