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We are posting information regarding the situation after the reorganization is implemented from April 2018.

If you wish to confirm the status of the current organizations, please consult “FACULTY & GRADUATE SCHOOL”.

Department of Law and Politics

The Department of Law and Politics is divided into the Division of Law and the Division of Political Science, each of which has its own admission process, classes, and degree respectively. What they have in common is an excellent staff and an outstanding learning environment. All graduate students are provided with their own carrel to do their research. In addition to many small group seminars ( 2 - 4 students in each) held by professors in the Department , Comprehensive Seminars in both Fields, that encourage interdisciplinary debates among all participating graduate students and professors, are held on a regular basis. All Ph.D Students are able to submit their research findings to the “Tokyo Metropolitan University journal of law and politics” edited by the Tokyo Metropolitan University Law Association). Both Fields have produced a lot of outstanding worldclass researchers and prominent professionals and public officials. For more information about either program, see the department's pamphlet or website.


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