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Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences

Fostering human resources who can realize vibrant cities where all can live happily

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Based on observation and analyses, the Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences clarifies the interactions among: (1) the natural environment, (2) humans, (3) materials, (4) energy, (5) information, and (6) man-made structures such a s buildings and automobiles. The Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences was established to add a sustainability and environmental perspective to the study of engineering (including civil engineering, architecture, and construction), geography (focusing in particular on surveys of the natural environment), applied chemistry (from micro-level substances to energy and the wider environment), tourism science (emphasizing a multi-faceted approach to tourism that incorporates environmental, cultural and IT-based perspectives) and urban policy science (which seeks to develop solutions to urban problems from a contextual perspective).

In addition to the specialized knowledge pertaining to each of these areas, the Faculty also endeavors to cultivate the knowhow and skills needed to make a positive contribution toward the development of the techniques and methodologies that can help to solve environmental problems and foster sustainable development.


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