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Administrative reorganization of the university is planned from April 2018.

If you wish to confirm the status of your faculty or graduate school after the reorganization(from 2018 academic year), please consult the “After reorganization (from 2018 academic year)”.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Aiming for the creation of a vigorous longevity society by cultivating rich human nature.

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In order to develop medical professionals with up-to-date knowledge and high-level skills, the Faculty of Health Sciences focuses on practice-oriented training. Its curricula have certain advantages over those of medical colleges, such as lectures with problem-oriented content being given by special teaching staff. Furthermore, the Faculty of Health Sciences offers curricula for solving problems faced in the metropolitan area of Tokyo. These courses include home health care study, elderly nursing science, programs of disaster insurance and nursing activities in mega-cities, and programs suitable to each field of medical rehabilitation in an aged society. Another feature of the Faculty of Health Sciences is research education that has close links with research institutes in the Tokyo metropolitan area (e.g. research cooperation with the metropolitan hospitals).


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Divisions■ Nursing Sciences
■ Physical Therapy
■ Occupational Therapy
■ Radiological Sciences
833 (M 212/F 621)
※ May 1, 2014
Teaching Staff
※ May 1, 2014
Graduate School【Graduate School of Human Health Sciences】
■ Nursing Sciences
■ Physical Therapy
■ Occupational Therapy
■ Radiological Sciences
■ Frontier Health Sciences
■ Health Promotion Sciences
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