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Graduate School of System Design

This graduate school offers education and research through master's and doctoral programs in five departments: Human Mechatronics Systems, Information and Communication Systems, Aerospace Engineering, Management Systems Engineering, and Industrial Art. It cultivates researchers and engineers/creators with the advanced, specialized knowledge and technical skills needed for supporting this knowledge-oriented society. These are developed through the system design education offered by each department and through pioneering, creative research activities. Efforts are focused on practical skills education, such as research project seminars to equip students with the system design capabilities they will need for proposing and implementing state-of-the-art systems, and special lectures on system design to help students understand the real needs that society faces and the real-world development and research that is being conducted in the corporate sector.

Each department requires students to undergo a public end-of-term assessment of the research progress made on their thesis or dissertation, and provides guidance that serves as a kind of quality assurance measure for the degrees conferred.


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■ Human Mechatronics Systems
■ Information and Communications Systems
■ Aerospace Engineering
■ Management Systems Engineering
■ Industrial Art



※ May 1, 2014

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